Financing for Vermont Businesses and Farms

Technology Businesses 

At VEDA, we believe a great way to grow Vermont’s economy is investment in technology. Some of the world’s most innovative companies have started here or chosen Vermont as their home base. VEDA brings our deep understanding of financing and partnering opportunities to the table. We work with entrepreneurs and leaders in the high-tech industry to find the technology financing package that is right for them, so they can turn their vision into a reality.

Why Does Your Business Need Financing?Here's How VEDA Can Help:
To purchase or renovate an existing building, or to construct a new building
To purchase or renovate machinery or equipment
To obtain additional working capital to cover operating expenses
To produce renewable energy and/or make efficiency improvements
For Brownfields investigation or clean-up
To purchase and/or install electric vehicle charging station(s) available for use by the general public.