Vermont Capital Access Program (VCAP)

The Vermont Capital Access Program (VCAP) utilizes a pooled reserve concept and is designed to enable small businesses to access commercial credit. This program replaces the Financial Access Program.

A bank may participate in this program by signing a “Master Agreement” with VEDA. A Reserve Fund, established with premiums paid by the borrower and/or the bank and matched by VEDA, is set up for each bank to insure loans enrolled in the program. This Fund is available to cover losses incurred by the lender on any of its enrolled loans.


  • Corporation, partnership, joint venture, sole proprietorship, cooperative, or other entity, whether profit or nonprofit, duly authorized to conduct business in the State of Vermont.

Use of Proceeds

  • Proceeds can be used for any legitimate business expenditure relating to a commercial, industrial or agricultural enterprise, or a combination thereof, located in Vermont.

  • Proceeds cannot be used for:
    • The construction or purchase of residential housing or to finance passive real estate ownership; or
    • To refinance a loan made by the same bank not previously enrolled in the program.

Loan Rates and Terms

  • Interest rate, term, down payment, collateral, etc. are determined by the participating lender; and
  • The loan must have a principal balance of $500,000 or less.

Speak to a VEDA Lender here.  A list of Participating Lenders may be found here.