Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund

This program provides funds to repair or improve existing privately-owned drinking water systems.


  • Privately-owned community water systems;
  • Privately-owned nonprofit, non-community public water systems; 
  • Borrowers must be reviewed and recommended by the Agency of Natural Resources.

Use of Proceeds

  • Obtain requisite permits, design, plan, construct, repair or improve an existing eligible water system to comply with federal and state standards.

Loan Rates and Terms

  • Term of up to 20 years – up to 30 years for nonprofit community systems serving low-income residents;
  • Repayment deferred for one year from completion of project; 
  • Administrative fees in lieu of interest rates are set for each project based on the average household income of the water system users, and range from 3% to minus 3%.


  • No fees are charged.

Application Process

Applicants should contact the Agency of Natural Resources directly for information regarding financing your water improvement project. Learn more on the Department of Environmental Conservation website.


Questions and applications can be addressed to: 

Amy Galford, Drinking Water SRF Staff



Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund

Vermont's CWSRF Program provides funding for Vermont's Clean Water projects in the form of low interest loans to municipalities and private entities for eligible projects.  Several types of loans are available.  

  • Planning Loans: Term of 5 to 15 years with 0% interest.
  • Final Design Loans: Terms of 5 to 15 years with 0% interest.
  • Municipal Construction Loans: Terms of 20 to 30 years with 2% administrative fee, annually. Terms need to be less than or equal to asset life.
  • Natural Infrastructure project loans, including through Interim Financing and Water Infrastructure Sponsorship Program (WISPr). See the current Intended Use Plan for details.

For more information or to apply, visit the Department of Environmental Conservation website.