Our Partners

VEDA is able to do its work because of the relationships and assistance we get from our partners. Working partnerships cultivated over decades – with Vermont’s commercial lenders and with state and federal finance agencies – help us do our part to help Vermont businesses grow and create jobs. 

Our Vermont banking partners are critical to the work we do.  For instance, VEDA’s Direct Loan program requires that VEDA partner with a bank or other independent and responsible lender in every project we finance.

Our regional, state and federal partners bring a vast array of resources to the table in helping VEDA assist Vermont businesses in every corner of the state. Local and regional knowledge and support, and state and federal assistance in the form of grants, other financing and technical knowledge, all help VEDA assure the most advantageous financing is made available to Vermont’s businesses and farms.

Commercial Partners

Agriculture and Working Lands Partners

Technology Partners

Energy Partners

Other Key Partners