The VEDA Staff Directory

VEDA’s business financing experts know Vermont. That’s because they’ve been helping Vermonters grow healthy businesses for over 40 years. Feel free to contact any one of us at any time.

Alan CurlerSenior Agricultural Loan Officer 
Phone: 802.388.1944 | Email:

Andy WoodAgricultural Loan Officer 
Phone: 802.828.5839 | Email:
Ann MillerMarketing Coordinator/Agricultural Loan Assistant
Phone: 802.828.0626 | Email:
Barry KochIT Manager 
Phone: 802.828.1407 | Email:
Carol BrownOffice Manager 
Phone: 802.828.5465 | Email:
Carolyn RidpathCompliance Officer 
Phone: 802.828.5464 | Email:
Cassie Polhemus: Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 802.828.5459 | Email:
Cheryl Houchens:  Chief Compliance and Review Officer
Phone:  802.951-5719 | Email:
Chris AndersonSenior Agricultural Loan Officer 
Phone: 802.388.1939 | Email:

Cindy Houston:  Loan Closing Officer
Phone: 802.828.5462 | Email:
Colleen LeonardAgricultural Loan Officer
Phone: 802.751.0655 | Email:
Dave CarterChief Financial Officer 
Phone: 802.828.5470 | Email:
David BlowBusiness Development Officer 
Phone: 802.598.4044 | Email:

Debbie Izor:  Agricultural Loan Assistant
Phone:  802.828.2323 | Email: 

Ellen Paradee:  Jr. Agricultural Loan Officer/Credit Analyst
Phone:  802.657.4269 | Email:
Eric Hall:   Agricultural Credit Analyst
Phone: 802.388.1949 | Email:
Ethan BondController 
Phone: 802.828.1427 | Email:
Eun-Young Denny:  Commercial Loan Officer
Phone: 802.828.5020 | Email:
Heather CollierLoan Closing Assistant 
Phone: 802.828.3210 | Email:

Heidi Hook: Accounting Specialist
Phone: 802.828.5471 | Email:
Heidi van Gulden: Senior Loan Closing Officer 
Phone: 802.828.0163 | Email:
Jamison Kimberly: Senior Agricultural Loan Officer 
Phone: 802.388.1943 | Email:

Jean Conklin:  Senior Agricultural Loan Officer
Phone: 802.751.0656 | Email:
Jennifer PinsonneaultLoan Closing Officer 
Phone: 802.828-3129 | Email:
Jo BradleyChief Executive Officer 
Phone: 802.828.5458 | Email:

Jodi Parker:  Front Office Admin/Receptionist
Phone:  802.828.5627 | Email:

Joni Drouin:  Commercial Loan Assistant
Phone:  802.859.3012  |  Email:
Jonathan Harris:  Commercial Loan Assistant
Phone:  802.828.1369  |  Email:
Kara FassettLoan Closing Officer 
Phone: 802.828.5469 | Email:
Katrina KilpatrickAdministrative Assistant 
Phone: 802.828.5627 | Email:
Kelly LeonardLoan Closing Administrative Assistant 
Phone: 802.828.5466 | Email:

Louise Anair: Director, Loan Closing Department 
Phone: 802.828.5468 | Email:
Margaret BairdAgricultural Loan Program Administrator 
Phone: 802.828.3123 | Email:
Mariah MillerLoan Closing Assistant 
Phone: 802.828.1624 | Email:
Marie Dussault: Senior Commercial Loan Officer 
Phone: 802.859.3017 | Email:
Melanie ScottAgricultural Federal Loan Program Specialist 
Michael Corbett:  Commercial Loan Officer 
Phone: 802.388.1949 | Email:

Nancy GonnevilleLoan Systems Specialist 
Phone: 802.828.0753 | Email:
Renee Grzankowski: Director of Operations 
Phone: 802.828.0754 | Email:

Sam Buckley:  Senior Commercial Loan Officer
Phone:  802.828.5605  |  Email:

Sandy Croft:  Senior Commercial Loan Officer 
Phone: 802.828.5472 | Email:
Sarah Heffernan:  Agricultural Loan Assistant
Phone:  802.388.1948 | Email:
Sarah Isham: Director of Agricultural Lending 
Phone: 802.828.5463 | Email:
Sydney Anechiarico:  Commercial Credit Analyst
Phone:  802.828.0155  |  Email:
Tom Porter: Director of Commercial Lending 
Phone: 802.828.5460 | Email:

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