VEDA Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the Vermont Economic Development Authority’s internet website, We hope you are able to find information of interest to you about our company. If not, or if you have any comments on how we might improve our site, please let us know at

We respect your privacy when you visit our site. If you want to be an anonymous visitor, you can be. In certain limited circumstances, described below, we may need personal information from you. If you provide this information to us, we will handle it as set forth in the policy.

When you visit a website, the operator of the site can obtain certain, limited information about you and your computer. Internet browsers create small text files called “cookies”. Cookies store information about the choices you make while visiting a website, and about your computer. For example, the cookie created while you visit our site will tell us what pages you access at However, cookies do not reveal, nor are we able to ascertain, your email address, your name, or any other personal information about you; we can obtain this information only if you give it to us. If cookies are of concern to you, most internet browsers allow you to decide which internet sites (if any) can create them. In fact, most browsers allow you to disable all cookies. We encourage you to learn more about cookies through the “Help” feature of your browser.

We currently use, or may use in the future, other tools to monitor internet traffic. These tools do not collect personal information about you.

You can voluntarily disclose personal information to us through If you have questions or comments about our company, and if you would like to receive a response from us, we’ll need your name and address. If you want an electronic response, we only need your e-mail address. Additionally, you can electronically submit your resume to us using our Online Resume Tool. In all cases, your personal information will always be confined within the Vermont Economic Development Authority, and our contractors who are obligated to hold your information in confidence. We will not disclose your information to other entities or organizations without your approval, unless we are required to do so by law, government inquiry or other legal proceedings.

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We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. You are encouraged to visit it periodically if privacy issues are of interest to you.