Energy Financing

Program Title Program Details
Commercial Energy Loan Program Loans up to $6 million to finance qualifying renewable energy generation and energy efficiency projects. Eligible businesses include all those listed in the Direct Loan Program and Small Business Loan Program, as well as non-profit business entities and municipalities, with the exception of residential housing.
Agricultural Energy Loan Program This program helps Vermont agricultural and forest product-based businesses to finance qualifying renewable energy generation and energy efficiency improvement projects, and to adopt technologies that enhance or support the development and implementation of renewable energy or energy efficiency, or both.
Montpelier Heating District Loan Program This program makes loans to Montpelier businesses that wish to connect to the City of Montpelier’s (City's) new heating district improvements.
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Programs


VEDA / GMP EV Workplace Charging Program:  For loans up to $25,000. 

  • In partnership with Green Mountain Power (GMP), this program provides funds to businesses, municipalities, or individuals to finance new EV Charging stations.

SIB EV Charging Station Program:  For loans greater than $25,000. 

  • This program utilizes State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) funds to finance the purchase and/or installation of electric vehicle charging stations available for public use.