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Since its crêpe cart first rolled onto the Church Street Marketplace, the Skinny Pancake has grown into a local heavy-hitter in the food world. Its delicacies — made with the best of local ingredients — greet passengers as they arrive at the Burlington International Airport and fill bellies in Burlington, Montpelier, Warren, Stowe, Quechee, and Hanover, New Hampshire.

Benjy Adler, who started it all in 2003 with his brother Jonny, said the goal is to open a restaurant in each New England state within the next two years.

VEDA has played a role in the Skinny Pancake’s growth for a long time, starting with the purchase of former sister store the Chubby Muffin and including opening in the airport, its Lake Street, Burlington, headquarters, and, most recently, a new location on Mountain Road in Stowe.

Skinny Pancake was even able to give back during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping develop the “Everyone Eats” program, which provides nutritious meals to Vermonters in need of food assistance, while at the same time stabilizing income for local restaurants, farmers, and food producers.

He said VEDA staff were both patient throughout the application process and supportive of the business’ goals.

“We found that the right people were at the table to help achieve our dream,” Benji said.

“Through a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem we learned about the Vermont Economic Development Authority and how they might be able to help us with our future development plans. We have been working with VEDA for many years.” — Benjy Adler, Co-Owner

Eun Young and Benji with Logo