Commercial Loan Program

From its inception through patented solutions based on University of Vermont research to being named the state’s Microenterprise of the Year, Packetized Energy Technologies, Inc., is working to make a complex issue easy on the consumer, both locally and far-reaching.

Its mission is to provide the most effective, affordable, and user-friendly solutions to enable electricity supply and demand, to balance on the electrical grid in real time.

This means providing electric utilities and customers with electric vehicle chargers, smart thermostats, heat pumps, water heaters, and more.

Through an app, called Nimble, Packetized Energy consumers can gain new insight into individual energy usage.

It was because of collaboration with VEDA that Packetized Energy was able to bring its high-level concepts to life.

Through VEDA funding, the company was able to manufacture and certify its Mello smart thermostat for water heaters. Now, those devices are being installed in homes nationwide.L.

Founder Jeff Frolick said this allows Packetized Energy to get to work solving real grid problems.

“Our near-term goal is to demonstrate that this expected performance is achieved in practice,” he explained. “We have new projects in California and New York that are our opportunity to do so.”

A PPP loan, secured with VEDA’s help, was critical during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“To demonstrate our energy management software, we needed devices to manage. However, we needed to first create the ‘smarts’ to make devices like water heaters, EV chargers, and thermostats work with our software. VEDA funding allowed us to begin demonstrating our technology by providing the capital to develop our mello smart thermostat.” — Jeff Frolik, Co-Founder

Seth Maciejowski Packetized Energy May 2021 (15)