Agricultural Loan Program

Since it was created by Read and Ester Perkins in 1963, Huntington Farm has drawn equine enthusiasts and competitors from around the country, looking for a chance to face off on the rolling hills and challenging terrain.

The farm was one of the first in the U.S. to host an event with the United States Eventing Association, way back in 1969. 

More recently, young farmer Skylar G. Clemens, who is just 18 years old, formed Huntington Farm, LLC., to buy and operate the South Strafford business.

“Our mission is to continue the legacy of hosting well-run events with horses and riders of all ages, styles and skill levels,” Skylar said. “There have been 10-15 Olympic riders that have come out of this area of Vermont and we would like to see that strength continue.”

His long-term goal is to draw riders to Huntington Farm, the relatively small scale of which will allow for specialized care of horses and riders alike, including chiropractic and holistic needs for horses and saddle fitting for riders. From boarding to dressage — the farm will offer whatever is needed to succeed.

Skyler is the epitome of wise beyond his years. He has managed a horse barn in Pennsylvania, studied under renowned horseman Tim Hays and learned about carriage driving and draft horses from the Amish community.

He was attending Sharon Academy, but when school closed in March as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the state, he shifted focus to shadowing Ann Kitchel, his Huntington Farm predecessor, to learn the ropes.

Now, he will further the work and the mission — and VEDA financing helped make the transition smooth. Skylar described the application process with one word: simple.

This collaboration is the first step in a long relationship between Huntington Farmand VEDA, Skylar said.

 “With VEDA’S financing, we were able to purchase the farm and VEDA left us with a feeling of partnership with our lender. I felt that VEDA, with their local staff a phone call (or drive) away, had a good understanding of our needs.” — Skylar Clemens, Owner