Small Business and Energy Loan Programs

Expanding a business is hard work, and there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

For Groennfell Meadery LLC (GML) — a unique fermenter with a mission to “bring feasting back to the world,” growth meant moving its mead-making operation to St. Albans, increasing production capacity by about 200 percent, and continuing to expand business beyond state borders.

Feasting, in the Groennfell universe, encompasses much more than the honey-based drinks. It could be a ritual that brings joy, a small happening built with intention — it’s a place to recommit to principles, family, and the world at large.

 What never left its owners’ minds, though, was how to give back.

 “We believe that every decision we make has an impact on our business, community and planet,” said Ricky Klein, who owns the business with Kelly Klein. “Our company is committed to doing our best to use our power for good.”

This includes following a triple bottom line – staying focused on people, the planet, and prosperity. As a Certified B Corporation, the standards are high and the desire to provide good jobs in a sustainable environment tops the to-do list. 

That became possible by turning to VEDA, which, Ricky said, “was a huge part of our carbon neutral goal.”

By 2030 the company aspires to reach a net-zero carbon footprint. Working with VEDA has been an easy task, in a straightforward way that has included no upsets or surprises. 

“VEDA has affected our business in a very positive way, we appreciate the partnership we have with them.” — Ricky Klein, Co-Owner