Energy Loan Program

After nearly a decade of partnership with VEDA, Green Lantern Solar has been empowered to develop, construct, and operate nearly 100 solar projects throughout Vermont.

Based in Williston, Green Lantern is a full-service development, consulting, financing, asset management, and Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firm. To get it all done, a strong partner and reliable funding are must-haves.

The organization is working to bring the highest quality sun-powered energy and battery storage to schools, businesses, and municipalities around the state. This also means creating highly skilled job opportunities, lease funding to landowners, and savings to customers — all while prioritizing sustainability.

Through a streamlined loan application, more affordable closing costs and a quick closing process with VEDA, Green Lantern has been able to finance a number of small-scale projects without what they call “transaction friction.”

“VEDA has allowed us to grow quickly in an evolving marketplace and has been a critical partner in our success.”  — Scott Buckley, President

New Haven VEDA pic