Logic Supply, Inc.

A $1.5 million VEDA loan will help Greenfield Capital, LLC more than double the size of a South Burlington building it owns and leases to Logic Supply, Inc., a fast-growing, specialized computer systems manufacturer.  Logic Supply will lease the entire approximately 36,000-square foot facility.

In existence since 2003, Logic Supply is a pioneer in applying modular hardware in the industrial and embedded computing market.   The company designs and manufactures small, rugged computer systems that power kiosks and digital signs, control factory machinery and medical equipment, and serve as the brains in devices of all kinds.  The company also provides needs analysis, product selection and engineering services for its customers.

Logic Supply has realized dramatic growth since its inception, now employing 50 persons. The expansion project is expected to accommodate the company’s growth for the next five to ten years, and will include a large warehouse, an expanded and re-purposed assembly space, new meeting/conference rooms and employee cafeteria.

Bank of America is also providing financing for the project.

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