Jennifer and Morgan Churchill

Jennifer and Morgan Churchill operate an organic dairy farm in Cabot.  Starting in 2005 with 35 cows on a leased family farm, the couple have since built their herd to 107 cows through internal herd growth.  The Churchills crop 250 acres and pasture 100 acres.  They harvest all of their own haylage as round bales, good quality feed that is a significant factor in their above- average organic milk production.  Three years ago, Jennifer and Morgan purchased the farm they¹d been leasing from Morgan’s uncle.  The farm consists of 200 acres and the farmstead, which included an old dairy barn that was not labor efficient, and limited the farm’s ability to be fully modernized.

With the help of $387,500 in VACC financing and additional financing provided by FSA, Jennifer and Morgan built a new state-of-the-art dairy barn equipped with the most advanced robotic milking technology.  The new facility will allow them to expand their herd to approximately 125 cows and provide the animals an ideal environment.  The labor-saving robotic technology is expected to help the farm realize increased milk production based on more frequent milkings.

jennifer-and-morgan-churchill-digging jennifer-and-morgan-churchill-cow jennifer-and-morgan-churchill-family jennifer-and-morgan-churchill-building