Greensea Systems, Inc.

Over the last several years, Greensea Systems, Inc. owner Ben Kinnaman and his team have taken technology and software they’ve developed and created several unique, patented products that they are now taking to market.  VEDA Entrepreneurial Loan Program financing of $170,000 helped them put their plans into action.  Founded in Richmond in 2006 as an engineering research company, Greensea specializes in the development of control, navigation, and operator-interface technology for unmanned systems, particularly unmanned underwater vehicles.  Greensea technology has a variety of applications, including ocean and environmental monitoring, maritime security, wind and tidal energy, and offshore drilling and oil production.  VEDA financing helped the company renovate their Richmond offices to house more engineering staff and increase assembly space, invest in product components, and market their new products.  Employment at Greensea is expected to increase significantly over the next three years as the company grows their commercial product sales and opens new markets in the unmanned marine industry.

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