Dream On Farm

Joe Warren and Mary Gill-Warren have been farming since 1991.

Today, they own and operate a 229-acre Shoreham farm, where they milk approximately 120 cows, and raise a herd of replacement heifers. They also raise all of their own forage crops and corn, bringing the total land they farm to 500 acres.

Joe and Mary provide all the primary labor for the farm, and sought to increase milk production while also providing greater flexibility in their labor schedules. In FY2013, VACC provided partial financing for an ambitious project to renovate the Warren’s existing barn, construct a new free stall barn, and install two new robotic milking systems.

The federal Farm Service Agency (FSA) also is providing financing for the project, partially funding the purchase of the robotic milking units. At the project’s completion, the Warrens hope to increase their herd size, boost dairy production through the use of the robotic milking system, and improve their quality of life on their growing farm.

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