David C. Blais

David Blais and his wife, Jennifer, operate a vegetable and strawberry farm on their property in Springfield.

David’s is the fourth generation to operate this vegetable farm in a fertile valley bordering the Connecticut River. Primary crops include sweet corn, strawberries, and both greenhouse and field tomatoes. Other crops include cucumbers, summer squash, melons, peppers and potatoes, and the farm has diversified into growing grapes, as well. David’s relationship with VACC goes back to 1992, with VACC more recently providing funds for infrastructure improvements and real estate purchases. Today, the farm includes two adjoining parcels, several greenhouses, historic barns, a large garage/storage building, a post-and-beam barn, and two farmhouses, the second of which provides housing for seasonal laborers. The Blaises own and operate a retail farm stand near the center of North Springfield.


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