Energy Loan Guarantee Program


  • Individuals, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies and municipalities planning to undertake a project to make energy efficiency improvements to a facility;
  • For more specific information, please contact a participating lender or Efficiency Vermont.

Use of Proceeds

  • Must be related to a project for energy efficiency improvements;
  • Facility renovations and/or purchase and installation of machinery and equipment;
  • Payment for design, engineering and permit fees relating to an eligible project.

Borrowing Limitations

  • VEDA can guarantee a maximum of 75% of the amount of the lender loan, not to exceed $250,000;
  • No limit on size of lender loan.


  • Please check with your lender for their fees;
  • VEDA charges a one-time 3% guarantee fee based on the guaranteed amount of the lender loan.

Application Process

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