Financing for Vermont Businesses and Farms

Grow Compost of Vermont, LLC

In 2009, Scott Baughman and Lisa Ransom founded Grow Compost, a compost processing and sales facility sited on their 38-acre homestead in Moretown.

The Grow Compost facility includes a small retail shed, multi-level system for compost piles, and a large barn. In addition to exceptional local compost, Grow Compost’s primary products include garden soil, potting soil and topsoil, which they sell to local farms, nurseries, home centers, hardware stores, and landscapers.

Utilizing a variety of source materials from area farms, businesses and homeowners, the compost is “grown” over a period of almost a year, including time for mixing, testing, composting, aerating, moving, curing, storage, stacking and bagging. The compost is monitored regularly and produced according to strict guidelines in order to achieve the certification “acceptable for use on organic farms,” a valued distinction.

In FY2013, VACC approved $354,000 in financing to provide working capital and help Grow Compost complete their composting barn/shop.